Why is Secure Data Destruction Important?


Apr 12, 2019

Why is Secure Data Destruction Important? - eCycle Solutions

For individual consumers and businesses alike, ensuring the destruction of your personal data is a top priority when recycling or disposing of used electronics. Not only do you want to ensure your data is wiped from recycled devices, but it is also important to back-up any important information. Many electronic devices that appear broken still have sensitive data saved on their hard drives. This data can be restored and transferred to other devices, which can lead to your personal or business data being obtained by other individuals. Here are a few benefits of ensuring complete data destruction:

Prevent Data Leaks

Whether you are a large corporation disposing of your company computers or an individual consumer upgrading your cell phone, you want your data to remain secure and confidential. By wiping your data from these devices before disposing of them, you can ensure all of your sensitive, private information remains in your hands.

Keep Personal Information Secure

Large companies also have the responsibility of maintaining the privacy of their employees and customers, which makes protecting their contact information and data a top priority. Identity theft, targeted advertising, and a loss of personal privacy are all consequences of having data recovered by the wrong people, so ensuring a complete data wipe is crucial, even before recycling your electronics.

Refurbish, and Resell Your Devices

Once you are confident that your data has been removed from your electronic devices, you can opt to refurbish and resell devices that are still functional. Before passing the devices along to another user, a full data wipe will give you the confidence and peace of mind needed to get rid of old devices. They can then be sold or donated to those who can make use of them.

So, how can you ensure the destruction of data before recycling or refurbishing your electronics? You can employ one of a variety of data destruction services:

  1. Data wipingData wiping refers to the process of deleting all data from the hard drive of a device bound for recycling or refurbishment. This is often done when the device itself is still functional, and the end goal is to remove all data from the device and use it again in the future. Our data wiping services ensure all personal information is wiped from the device without compromising its functionality, so it can be resold or donated with confidence.
  2. Hard drive shreddingFor devices that cannot be salvaged, electronics recycling centres offer hard drive shredding, which entails the complete destruction of the hard drive, rendering it unusable in the future and ensuring any data on the hard drive cannot be accessed again. For added peace of mind, ensure your recycling centre offers a Certificate of Destruction so you can be sure your device cannot be used again and your confidential data and personal information cannot be accessed.
  3. Data back-upMany large businesses need comprehensive data backup whenever they upgrade their electronics. This can involve the transfer of your data from obsolete devices to your new system with minimal interruption to your day-to-day operations. Recycling centres and data technicians will salvage and transfer all of your data before wiping the old devices and refurbishing or recycling them.

Why Us?

At eCycle, we offer our customers — whether you are a large corporation or an individual consumer — comprehensive data wiping and data destruction services. In this way, we can guarantee that your personal data and confidential information is backed-up, safe, and secure, even after your device is recycled or refurbished.

For more information about electronic recycling and asset decommissioning services, call eCycle at 888-945-2611 or visit our website here.

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