AMS Product Return Plan

1. Definitions and Relationships

Tested for Key Functions, R2/Ready for Resale – “the originally intended functions of a unit
or equipment or component, or subset thereof that will satisfactorily serve the purpose(s) of
someone who will reuse the unit”

AMS – Asset Management Services
SOP – Standard Operating Procedure

2. Purpose

The purpose of this Product Return Plan is to provide customers with a return plan for purchased
assets that do not meet their expectations. This SOP will cover the following topics in separate
sections below:
– Customer Return Policy
– Procedure for Processing returns
– Employee Training

3. Scope

This SOP applies to all eCycle Solutions plants that provide Asset Management Services.

4. Main Responsibility

The Asset Management Services Manager is responsible for ensuring that:

  • This procedure is followed for all AMS client material/assets
  • All employees are trained in this procedure and aware of the product return plan
  • All AMS Level II Technicians are trained in this procedure and training effectiveness/
    verification is signed off by the AMS Manager

5. Customer Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase from eCycle Solutions and would like to request a return,
please note the following:

  • Original invoice must be presented during all returns, exchanges and refunds
  • All eligible items can be returned for a refund, exchange within the 30-day return period
  • All eligible items can be repaired within 90 days from date of purchase
  • All returned products must be in their original purchase condition, with the original packing
    material and any other item or accessory provided by the seller

6. Procedure for Processing Returns

  • Customer contacts eCycle for a return
  • AMS Technician or account rep will speak with customer to provide initial assessment and troubleshooting over the phone. If unable to correct the issue during this phone call/visit, they will discuss eligibility for return with the AMS Manager
  • If eligible for a return, AMS Manager or account rep will make arrangements with customer to pick up the asset or have it returned to eCycle
  • Once the asset is received, an AMS Technician will re-assess the asset and determine if it can be refurbished fixed to return to customer in working condition
    • When the asset is returned to eCycle, an AMS Technician will review the asset and troubleshoot the issue using the assessment sheet. The assessment sheet will be given to the AMS Manager upon completion
    • If a repair solution is found and can be completed onsite the AMS Manager will review for approval and assign technician time to complete the repair. If the asset cannot be repaired, the AMS Manager will submit a request to the Finance Dept to issue a credit note, or prepare a cheque for customer return

7. Employee Training

  • Only AMS Technician level II will manage resale asset assessment, quality control, and customer returns.
  • Training will be provided using the Data Destruction Policy, and this Quality Assurance document and signed acknowledgement on the Training Sign Off sheet. Competency will be verified by the AMS Manager through observation and verification that all SOP’s and procedures are followed. This will be tracked in the training matrix.

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