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IT Asset Disposition Services - eCycle Solutions

What is Asset Disposition?

Asset disposition refers to the process of properly disposing of or recycling unwanted or obsolete equipment. Our team helps to streamline the asset disposition process, including pick-up and drop-off services, logistics planning, asset tracking, and data wiping. We work with individuals and large organizations to coordinate recycling plans that are environmentally-friendly and convenient for our customers.

Beyond our recycling services, we also work with individuals and businesses to maximize the value of recovered items by refurbishing them and making them operational again.

Electronic Waste Recycling Services - eCycle Solutions

Electronic Waste Recycling Services

We offer bulk recycling services to municipalities. We also offer them to individual businesses, tailoring them to meet each client’s specific security and environmental needs. To ensure recycling electronic devices is convenient for all our clients, we provide pick-up and drop-off services. We also host hundreds of drop-off locations to ensure Canadians have access to convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly electronic recycling services.

Electronic Waste Resale Services - eCycle Solutions

Electronic Refurbishment & Resale

We provide a full suite of services for organizations that want to refurbish IT assets in order to redeploy or sell them. These services, which are tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each client, include everything from performing on-site data recovery and destruction to organizing pick up and drop off.

We work with our clients to ensure there are no significant interruptions or delays in the process that would compromise the quality of their work, and we do that on a timeline that suits them.

For clients who want to donate the value of their IT assets to charity, we work with them to ensure the proceeds of resale goes to the foundation of their choice.

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Since 2005, eCycle Solutions has been one of Canada’s largest e-waste recyclers, committed to protecting and improving our environment through safe, convenient, and cost-effective recycling technologies.

With a national footprint, we provide industry leading e-waste solutions for manufacturers, retailers, municipalities and consumers, regardless of their location and the scale of their requirements.

We take pride in finding innovative and flexible solutions to our customers’ needs, aiming to be recognized as the clear partner of choice for electronic and electrical asset recycling, reuse and recovery.

We adhered to the highest ethical standards. We don’t cut corners in our processes, auditing or reporting because there aren’t any short-cuts to success. We value honesty and transparency and seek out employees, partners and customers who share these values.

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Environmental Solutions for IT Assets

We’re a fully integrated ITAD company and are committed to being the clear partner of choice. We offer customized solutions, not just for recycling but also for electronics refurbishment and resale as well as data destruction.

By providing industry leading solutions for municipalities, businesses and individuals alike, we are able to reduce the amount of electronic waste in Canadian landfills and contribute to the circular economy.

Electronic Waste Recycling Services - eCycle Solutions

Secure Electronic
Recycling Solutions

Since 2005, eCycle Solutions has been diverting electronic waste away from landfills by proposing innovative recycling solutions.

We provide comprehensive decommissioning and recycling services for large corporate clients while also coordinating electronic recycling services for consumers. In this way, we have prevented thousands of tonnes of electronic waste from ending up in a landfill.

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