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    Secure asset management and electronics recycling begins with our helpful staff, dedicated to deploying the most effective service options for your organization. They will evaluate your needs and recommend the best and most economical solution – custom fit to your organization. Our name says it all: we offer solutions.

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  • Reverse Logistics from Your Office to Ours

    With a network of processing facilities across Canada, eCycle Solutions ensures your assets travel the shortest possible distance – reducing environmental impact and keeping your assets secure from point A to B. All our drivers and transport partners are bonded, insured and have criminal background checks for added comfort and peace of mind.

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    Reverse Logistics From Your Office to Ours - eCycle Solutions
  • Client Site Services

    We offer a range of onsite services including asset removal, hard drive wiping, media shredding, secure lock containers, collection events, and more. Secure asset handling begins at your office and we can deliver the services your need to ensure asset disposal project is stress free, cost effective, secure and environmentally sound.

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    Client Site Services - eCycle Solutions
  • Received into Our Secure Facility

    On arrival, assets are received into one of our secure facilities equipped with alarmed CCTV, card swipe entry, restricted assets points and a host of other measures which ensure your equipment remains secure. Assets are received against a unique load identifier which traces each asset from pickup to receipt to resale and/or destruction.

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    Received Into Our Secure Facility - eCycle Solutions
  • eSecure Serices and Potential Resale

    Your assets may be at the end of their useful life at your organizations but they may have value for someone else. At your request, we’ll explore resale options to maximize return and minimize cost. Our suite of eSecure services includes: audits, verification, data wiping, hard drive destruction, repair and refurbishment, resale, warehousing, redeployment, and of course – recycling and destruction. The end result is a fully auditable and secure asset disposition process.

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    E Secure Serices and Potential Resale - eCycle Solutions
  • Recycling and Destruction

    Our core service is to ensure your assets are recycled and destroyed securely and with strict adherence to all applicable laws and regulations. We employ a combination of manual and mechanical processing systems which generate pure commodities for reuse in tomorrow’s technology.

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    Recycling and Destruction - eCycle Solutions
  • Hazard Removal

    Did you know your electronics contain a wide range of hazardous materials that can harm the environment when not handled properly? We triage your assets and remove items like batteries, mercury, toner/ink and leaded glass. These substances of concern are then sent downstream to audited and approved processing partners.

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    Hazard Removal - eCycle Solutions
  • Shredding and Highgrading

    Once hazards are removed, assets are sorted by type and put through our mechanical process which involves shredding, eddy currents, optical finders, de-lamination mills and other proprietary technology. This process separates plastics and metals by type resulting in clean high grade commodities.

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    Shredding And Highgrading - eCycle Solutions
  • Closing the Loop

    A key component of secure electronics recycling is the verifying documentation that confirms your assets were handled properly. Our standard documentation includes:

    • Certificate of Destruction & Recycling
    • Scale Ticket
    • Shipping documents
    • Data Capture report (if applicable)
    • Settlement report (if applicable)
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    Closing The Loop - eCycle Solutions
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