What is Asset Disposition?


Mar 04, 2019

What is Asset Disposition? - eCycle Solutions

Asset Disposition is the process of properly recycling outdated or unwanted electronic equipment. With the rapid growth of the technology sector and the influx of personal electronic devices into our daily lives, there are more electronics ending up in landfills than ever before. Many large businesses — and even individual consumers — have many electronic devices that have been damaged or have simply become obsolete. When they upgrade, many of these devices are not properly recycled. As a result, they end up in a landfill.

Data Wiping

Often, when an electronic device such as a cell phone, tablet, or laptop is damaged, individuals opt to replace the device, rather than repair it. Although the device appears to be broken and damaged beyond repair, the hard drive is often in perfect condition. If the hard drive remains functional, it is quite easy to retrieve the data it contains. This can lead to the leaking of personal information, confidential data, and other serious consequences, which is why properly wiping and recycling your electronics is so crucial.

Hard Drive Destruction

While data wiping is generally used for devices that are still functional — allowing them to be refurbished, resold, or donated — hard drive destruction is also available for devices that are damaged beyond repair. This entails the complete destruction of the hardware, ensuring that it can never be used again and any data it contained is destroyed with confidence. Ask for a Certificate of Destruction, so you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your sensitive data never left the office and remained secure throughout the disposition process.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Diagnostic evaluation involves the process of identifying the issues an individual is experiencing with their device and offering recommendations for possible solutions. Often, a diagnostic technician will help a customer identify the issue and recommend the repair or refurbishment of the device. This recommendation also includes a detailed quote from the technician, which outlines the costs of the different recommendations. Should the device be beyond repair, customers can also opt to recycle the product or salvage any valuable spare parts and scrap metal and sell it for a return.

Warehousing and Redeployment

Often, large corporations will upgrade their electronic devices while their old technology is still functional. For added customer convenience, recycling centres often also offer warehousing and redeployment services. Not only can these companies repair customer electronics, but they will also store them and keep them safe for future use. Should the customer open another office or hire more employees and need more laptops or cell phones, the warehoused assets will still be available for use, saving the customer a significant amount of money.

Asset Tracking

From initial on-site assessment through to the final recycling or resale of a customer’s devices, recycling companies offer comprehensive asset tracking so customers know exactly where their devices are at each stage of the process. This provides the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that all sensitive data and devices are in safe hands. Many companies also offer secure transportation services to ensure customer devices are safe and secure at all times.

Why Us?

Our team at eCycle Solutions wants to make the recycling process as convenient and streamlined as possible for our customers. The goal of this is twofold: we want to create sustainable practices that will positively contribute to the environment, and we want to ensure all of your data and information is secure and safe, even after disposal. With that in mind, we offer a variety of services to suit the needs of anyone looking to recycle their electronics:

For more information about electronic recycling and asset decommissioning services, call eCycle Solutions at 888-945-2611 or visit our website here.

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