What Does It Mean to Decommission Retired Assets?


Mar 25, 2019

What Does It Mean to Decommission Retired Assets? - eCycle Solutions

For large corporations and other companies, upgrading your electronic devices office-wide can be a daunting task. From backing-up all data to recycling your devices and choosing a new system, the process can be complex and cause lengthy interruptions to your day-to-day business, if not done correctly. To avoid interruptions and ensure the proper handling of all of your internal data, companies often turn to recycling centres to decommission their retired assets, transfer their data, and get their new system up-and-running. Here are some tips on how to decommission your old electronics safely and securely:

Planning and Managing Upgrades

Upgrading your technology can be a complicated, time-consuming process, especially for large organizations. Transferring massive amounts of data can cause significant disorganization within an organization, and it can even lead to lost files and lengthy interruptions to your business. If you are exploring upgrade options for your in-office technology, it is important to create a detailed plan for your upgrade, so you can ensure your new system will have everything needed to continue your operations. A plan will also help you implement your new system with minimal interruptions, ensuring your clients and customers remain happy with your service.

Recycling Parts

The volume of electronic waste that reaches Canadian landfills is truly astounding, which has led many corporations and large businesses to ensure the sustainable and responsible disposal of their electronics. Our goal is to refurbish and recycle as many electronics as possible. Not only does this have a direct impact on the volume of e-waste in landfills, but it also ensures that salvageable material returns to the economy, minimizing the need to produce more electronics. These simple, cost-efficient procedures help create sustainable practices industry-wide.

On-Site Services

Beyond the environmental impact of recycling, it is crucial that you ensure your data is safe and protected throughout the recycling or refurbishing process. Recycling centres often partner with technicians who can provide comprehensive data wiping and hard drive destruction services, so you can ensure your confidential company information never leaves your office. This process can also involve transferring your secure data to your new devices, minimizing the service delay involved in upgrading your new system.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

For your convenience, many recycling centres also offer pick-up and drop-off services to ensure your obsolete electronic devices are properly recycled in the most convenient way possible. On-site services often include the data wiping and removal of any electronics you want to recycle, followed by secure transportation of the devices to a recycling centre. Alternatively, drop-off services are available at recycling plants and big-box stores, who often employ return-to-retail programs to ensure that consumer devices can be recycled conveniently.

Why Us?

At eCycle Solutions, we offer comprehensive decommissioning services for old, outdated, and obsolete electronics. Not only will we help you secure your data and move it to a new system, but we will also refurbish and recycle all of your decommissioned assets. Whether you need extensive data recovery services or simply want to ensure the proper wiping and destruction of all of your data from your old devices, we can handle it.

For more information about electronic recycling and asset decommissioning services, call eCycle Solutions at 888-945-2611 or visit our website here.

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