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Oct 07, 2019

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Given the fact that there are literally thousands of different phones being sold around the world, many consumers will turn to the latest and greatest gadgets in order to enjoy the most advanced technology on the market. However, in order to purchase a new phone, they will usually need to get rid of their old phone, either to make some money or to save some space.

Still, there are certain things that people should think about before they sell their phones. Below, are some tips that you should consider before you sell or donate your phone, and most of the tips that we have provided will apply to not only Android phones and iPhones but tablets as well. From wireless asset recovery to other issues, selling your old phone should not be taken lightly.

Remove Your Wireless Account

First and foremost you should remove your wireless carrier account before you either sell your phone or donate it to a charitable organization. In other words, you will need to deactivate your old phone from the wireless carrier list that you have been using up to that point. Failure to do so may allow the new owner of your phone to change the data on it or even make calls by simply using the information provided.

However, your data may not be compromised in some instances, depending on who your carrier is, meaning they may be unable to even activate the phone, but, just to be safe, removing your wireless carrier is recommended. In fact, in some cases, you may get an unexpected bill in the mail, as some carriers may charge you for failing to deactivate the old line, so you should do so before moving on to a new device.

Back-Up Your Data

One of the biggest advantages of using either iPhone or Android OS applications is that they allow users to back-up their data to their new device with relative ease. In the past, people had to Back-Up all of their data manually, which could take several hours. Today, however, a few simple button presses will allow anyone to synchronize their vital information, such as personal contact data, with ease.

For instance, people who own an Android account can use their handy Google account to save all of their details. As for iOS users, they can back-up the data as well as their favourite applications by using the iTunes software that is included with their iPhones. There are additional options available on the market for people who want to perform a comprehensive and thorough back-up by downloading software or apps from the internet.

Don’t Forget Your SIM

This is a common mistake that some people make. Don’t forget to take your SIM card out of your phone before you sell or donate it. Many people forget to do so, which is dangerous, as your SIM card will house a plethora of personal details, such as your contact information. In fact, some SIM cards will also save text messages and SMS on them, so make sure you remove them before you sell your phone.

Remove MicroSD Cards

If you are an owner of an Android phone, then there is a good chance that you will have a MicroSD card on them as well. As such, do not forget to take it out before you get rid of your old Android devices. In most cases, your MicroSD card will have photos and videos on them, as well as personal data that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands.

The problem with MicroSD cards is that they are very small, and, as such, people often forget that they even have them. That having been said, some owners will want their phone to include a MicroSD card for storage purposes, so if your buyer wants you to include your MicroSD card with the transaction then remember to format the card before you sell it to them.

Back-Up Your Images and Videos

While your Google account, which includes your email, contacts, and calendars, can be backed up conventionally, your videos and images may need to be backed up differently. If you would like to back-up your photos and videos, then you can do so manually via your laptop or desktop computer.

You can also try using the power of the Cloud to backup all of your media files. For instance, you can choose from Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Flickr, or Google photo if you would prefer to take the Cloud route. You can also backup all of your media files from your former device via Wi-Fi. Then, once they have arrived, you can connect and add them to your new device when you have some free time.

Disable Your Passwords

Most phone owners will have passwords as well as security patterns initialized on their smartphones in order to protect them from cybercriminals. However, please note that if you decide to sell or donate your phone to someone that they will need your passwords and will need to know the security patterns of your phone in order to use it as intended. Ergo, it is important to disable all of your old passwords and security locks so that the new owner of your phone can use it without any issues.

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