Seven Considerations for Asset Disposition


May 13, 2019

Seven Considerations for Asset Disposition - eCycle Solutions

Corporations are faced with so much more responsibility than their bottom line. Changing societal demands have made it necessary for organizations to start looking at the impact their actions have on their community, from the management of personal information to maintaining a responsible attitude towards the planet.

Enter IT asset disposition (ITAD), another organizational responsibility that presents challenges when it comes time for IT asset upgrades. The challenges can become so complex, many companies just push their old equipment to the back of a storage room or stack it on racks in their warehouses because the thought of dealing with it seems expensive and time consuming. This is often because organizations know they have certain responsibilities when it comes to ITAD, but they just don’t know where to begin. From proper data destruction to socially responsible ways of disposing the hardware itself, here are seven considerations for asset disposition.

  1. The key areas of ITADInformation Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) refers to the services required to properly dispose of used IT assets. Although there are many factors at play when it comes to ITAD, the main aspects are:
    • Proper and responsible destruction of sensitive, confidential data.
    • Responsible disposal of ecologically-sensitive materials to avoid fines.
    • Assessment of IT assets to determine if refurbishment will increase value for resale or if the assets are obsolete.
    • Using ecologically-sensitive components effectively for harvesting, resale, or donation.

      Understanding the aspects of ITAD will allow you to recoup losses in environmental fees and find the most economical and socially responsible way to reuse, recycle, or even resell your equipment.

  2. It’s not garbageBroken or obsolete IT equipment is not always junk. ITAD teaches us that this equipment is an asset that can actually be monetized. When you work with us, we can teach you to look at asset disposition in a new light so you can get a better return on your tech investment.
  3. No procrastinationWith your newfound mindset that IT assets are not garbage, you have to keep in mind that despite this fact, they do tend to depreciate in value quickly. That means now is the time to act. Do not store your assets away. Instead, take action now before your equipment drops even further in value. Get started on disposition as soon as your new equipment is installed so you can generate more revenue. At the same time, you are also helping ensure they are still useable and won’t end up in a landfill somewhere. This makes you both money smart and eco-friendly.
  4. Complete and absolute data destructionBefore your disposition plan is in motion, keep in mind you have to hire a company to wipe your equipment clean. Even if it sits for a while with data still stored on the system, you are just inviting attacks. We offer certified data wiping services to avoid cyber-attacks on your sitting ducks.
  5. ReuseNever underestimate the value of your old assets even if they seem ancient in your eyes. Especially for large organizations that can’t afford to have slow, out-of-date equipment, your cast-offs might turn out to be an upgrade for smaller companies with just a few employees. We can provide a complete diagnostic evaluation of your assets and let you know if refurbishment will allow you to sell your equipment. We will provide a quote for refurbishment in hand with a market valuation, so you understand if it is worth your investment to make repairs and updates. Another possibility is to up your social responsibility profile and choose to refurbish and then donate your computers, instead of selling them. We proudly work with a number of charitable organizations, libraries, and schools in need of laptops, computers, monitors, and other assets. They are always thrilled to receive donations and you will feel all the better for taking the time to make sure your assets are handled in the most socially responsible manner.
  6. RecycleAs mentioned, your first step to be ecologically responsible is to arrange for your equipment to be assessed right away. This will provide a better chance your equipment can be refurbished, resold, or donated. However, if our assessment determines your equipment really is obsolete, then we can ensure your electronics are recycled properly. In fact, we can even create a recycling plan, complete with pick up and drop off services. As well, we will explore which parts can be harvested by dismantling your unwanted equipment and looking for parts that can be reused or recycled. These parts can be sold or used to refurbish other equipment. It’s very symbiotic.
  7. Track everythingWe will provide all the services you need, from data destruction to assessments and reselling to donation or recycling. We will provide a detailed record explaining where your equipment ended up, as well as records to prove data destruction was handled properly based on your industry’s standards.Although replacing and upgrading computer equipment is a necessary evil for most organizations, the process does not have to be difficult. We can help decommission high quantities of assets and minimize downtime in the process. We will ensure that all the complicated steps such as data recovery and destruction, assessment for refurbishment, and even the sale or donation of reusable equipment is completed in an efficient, safe, and cost-effective manner. Our goal is to handle the seven main considerations of ITAD for you so you will reduce the time, effort, and money involved in your upgrade process.

If you would like more information on asset disposition services, call eCycle Solutions toll free at (888) 945-2611 or contact us here at our website.

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