Reasons You Should Hire an Electronics Recycling Company


Sep 10, 2019

Reasons You Should Hire an Electronics Recycling Company

While recycling is very important, it may be best to leave the recycling of electronics to an electronics recycling company. With the wide dissemination of cheap electronic products, as well as the amount of waste that is generated every year in the form of e-waste, it is very important to help reduce the amount that is dumped into landfills, where it will rot until the end of time.

While the vast majority of electronic waste can be recycled, and even sold thanks to the valuable gold and mineral deposits that are often found in such products, only about 20% of e-waste is recycled annually around the world.

The good news is many reputable electronic recycling companies in the city will be more than happy to handle the management of your e-waste with tact, integrity and verve. Here we will focus on why you should leave the management of your e-waste to the professionals, i.e., expertise, safety, and community outreach.

They’re Experts in Electronic Waste

The best electronic recycling companies will go above and beyond the call of duty to move electronic waste away from harmful landfills and into the hands of dedicated and ethical recycling facilities. They will also work arduously to devise, propose, and implement forward-thinking and eco-friendly solutions to help mitigate the amount of e-waste that is generated and dumped in landfills.

Most are full-service, which means they will help coordinate various recycling services and programs for citizens as well as provide top of the line recycling strategies and all-encompassing decommissioning initiatives for multinational companies.

Their know-how, dedication, and experience in all-things e-waste allow them to reduce the amount that is being dumped in landfills by hundreds of thousands of tonnes. This reduces land, water, and air pollution and makes the world a safer and greener place for wildlife and humans alike.

Their Services are Secure

If you are thinking of recycling electronics yourself, then you run the risk of having your data stolen, manipulated or sold to the highest bidder. Many people falsely assume that simply wiping their hard drives once will suffice in keeping private data from getting into the wrong hands. In reality, sophisticated hackers can find ways to retrieve data even after it has been wiped.

Fortunately, an electronics recycling company will implement the most state of the art security protocols to ensure that the personal data of their clients is 100% secure. To do so, they also provide customers with the top of the line data management services that ensure the data of their clients is kept private and secure.

For instance, they can come to your office and copy all necessary data from your obsolete electronics onto a cloud-based storage system or a hard drive of your liking. Doing so will allow you to continue running your company without any downtime, as the data will not leave the office, it will only be transferred to another storage system or device.

If you would prefer to have the data destroyed instead of transferred, your hard drives can be erased using cutting edge eradication services that will completely wipe your hard drives without even a remote possibility of recovery by cybercriminals.

They Help Your Community Thrive

While e-waste companies are committed to ensuring that the data of their clients is secure, they are doing everything in their power to reduce the amount of e-waste that is dumped into landfills. They also work hard to help local communities thrive.

For instance, many will work closely with local community programs, charities, elementary schools, high schools, and a number of municipalities to promote e-waste recycling services. The sad reality is that many people want to recycle their electronics but do not know how to go about it. Many do not know where to go in order to drop off their old electronic products that they no longer have use for..

The goal is to inform consumers about the best practices for recycling old products, as well as who to contact if they need help. This can be in the form of providing information, or collection, sorting, transport, and processing services.

A premium electronics recycling company will work hard to teach their community the best practices for environmental sustainability. They offer their future-forward recycling services for anyone interested in helping make the world a cleaner and safer place for future generations.

Many will also work with local charities to help people donate any old electronic products that they no longer use or need. These products can be refurbished and used by the less fortunate for many years to come.

For more information about recycling your electronics, call eCycle Solutions at 1-877-215-5255 or contact us here.

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