Protection From Intruders: How Mobile Data Security Helps


Apr 09, 2020

How Does Mobile Data Security Help? - eCycle Solutions

In today’s world, it’s commonplace for data to move from a business server to several personal devices that are unsecured. Data will also regularly travel to multiple applications and into the cloud. This will leave a digital trail of copies a mile high, further illustrating the need for top of the line mobile data protection.

Here, we will breakdown the importance of mobile data protection and how mobile data security can help protect you from intruders and cybercriminals.

Why Mobile Data Protection is a Must

Some business owners may take extreme measures in order to protect their sensitive data. For instance, they may decide to install IT endpoint software that is very restrictive and lock down all of their corporate data so the information will be cut off from the personal devices of their employees.

However, taking such a restrictive approach may lower employee morale, as it may demonstrate that you do not trust your team; this could lead to higher turnover rates in your organization. Such an approach may not be practical either, as your workers will likely need to access their smart devices every day to perform their office tasks as intended, as well as to perform personal tasks during their breaks to decompress. The goal should be to protect your precious intel without compromising the mobile usage of your employees.

Now, to some people, particularly those who work in the mobile data protection industry, trying to enjoy the best of both worlds may seem like a pipe dream. However, it can be achieved with a little creative zeal and finagling.

Below are just some of the ways that you can improve the mobile data protection of your enterprise without making your employees’ most beloved electronics more cumbersome or arduous to access and operate.


Mobile Application Management software—or MAMs—can allow people to access a monolithic database of third-party office apps that have been approved and vetted. Users will also be able to use a myriad of applications that have been designed by corporations for their workers.

In fact, not only will you be able to readily access a bevy of approved applications, but you can also allow your administrators to blacklist any apps that do not meet their security criteria.

Today’s MAMs are also designed with convenience in mind, so your administrators should be able to remove or update any applications that they want without having to access a unit physically.

MAMs are a superb fit for massive multinational conglomerates that have thousands of workers working in multiple different cities or countries, as well as for establishments that have a large number of remote employees.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructures-or VDIs- provide companies with the ability to host a virtual apparatus that is based on a shared server. In fact, the shared server can be readily accessed by a worker via their smartphone, tablet, or other such devices.

The result in this specialized setup can allow businesses to use solutions that have already been developed to protect vital and precious intel as well as secure pertinent data.

However, at this point, we should note that VDIs will only cover the utilization of certain desktop-based applications. That means they will not cover apps that have been designed primarily or only for mobile electronics.

You may need to incorporate supplementary levels of data protection for mobile gadgets to make sure that all levels or components of the mobile-based work experience are covered for all of your employees.


Mobile Device Management—or MDMs—serve as a cutting edge security solution that is end-to-end in its application. In fact, not only do MDMs provide comprehensive protection for the device itself, but they will also thoroughly protect the data used by the unit, as well as its network and mobile applications.

Furthermore, it should be noted that all of the items mentioned above are handled via singular software, which is usually overseen by the IT team of the organization in question.

Interestingly, MDMs and their leading-edge security solutions and features can usually be applied to devices that are owned by the company, as well as bring-your-own-devices.

In fact, all that’s needed in most instances is for the units to be configured and enrolled so that they can communicate with the company’s management server.

The unit will automatically synchronize periodically with the management server, implementing the most recent protocols set by the IT department, as well as check for updates along the way. Thus, ensuring that users will enjoy a user experience that is not only seamless but also very secure.

Mobile Data Security is a Must-Have

As the dissemination of mobile technology continues to rise across the stratosphere, the need to protect data at every stage and level is of the utmost importance in today’s day and age.

By taking the time to implement the proper security techniques and systems, you will allow your team to work without compromising quality or safety. This is regardless of where they are in the world, what time it is, or what device they are using. In addition, many mobile data protection resources can be amalgamated in order to optimize your security.

To illustrate, you can opt for a mobile unit management tool and a mobile application management asset in tandem. This is to provide users with cloud-based security, as well as on-premises security solutions.

As such, workers will be certain that their work and data will be safe while they’re working at the office, at home, on an airplane, or at an outdoor venue or kiosk.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of mobile data protection, call eCycle at 888-945-2611 or contact us here.

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