Eight Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider ITAD


Feb 17, 2020

Reasons To Consider ITAD - eCycle Solutions

Due to hubris and/or negligence on the part of many companies, security breaches have become quite common today. Furthermore, trying to manage IT equipment on a continual basis can present quite a challenge, not to mention a plethora of risks. For example, trying to stay within a budget can be a challenge, as can trying to ensure that all systems are fully operational at all times. Here, we will delve deeper into information technology asset disposition and why your business should strongly consider information technology asset disposition (ITAD).

Protection From Theft

Did you know that insufficient security led to hundreds of millions of dollars of confidential records being stolen last year? The average price per incident also ranged between $195 and $201 per record in Germany and the United States, with the lowest range varying from $51 to $70 in India and Brazil, respectively.

As can be seen, trying to avoid data breaches should be a top priority for every company if they value the protection of their intel. The good news is there are many options available at your disposal, such as shredding, crushing, degaussing, and wiping of hard drive data.

Hence, it is actually possible to prevent data breaches from occurring. However, the best way to ensure that you are protected is to partner with a vendor that will provide assurances, in writing, that the data will be disposed of along with the unit.

Resale of IT Equipment

Some people mistakenly assume that a device that no longer functions as intended is worthless. However, in reality, it actually does have some financial value that you can reap. For example, once an electronics device has been extricated from its workspace, certain components may be remarketed, assessed, and refurbished.

However, if you want to get the ideal value for your defective IT equipment, you should only work with a trusted professional who has extensive knowledge of the secondhand resale market.

Asset Tracking

If you want to make sure that each and every device is accounted for, then you will need to use asset tracking and asset reporting, especially if you are getting rid of a bevy of units with different specifications. Fortunately, you can use many online portals that can track items, in real time, throughout the disposition process, so you can have an impressive paper trail with which to work with. You will also have peace of mind knowing that each and every asset has been removed from your company’s insurance, maintenance, and financial dossiers.

Harvesting of Software

According to a study published by the McKinsey and Sand-Hill Group, roughly a third of IT budgets consists of maintenance and software license expenditures. However, when your computer stops working, the software that has been installed on it can still hold great value.

Also, some companies will send their defective or broken-down computers, with all of the software intact, to their end-of-life vendors. As such, you need to ensure that your information technology asset disposition firm transfers, deactivates, and removes the software on your electronic assets so that they can be used again in the future.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

IT asset disposition and corporate requirements tend to go hand in hand, so your company will need to ensure that it meets all of the regulatory requirements in order to avoid possible sanctions or fines. That is, if you accidentally handle these devices in an irresponsible fashion, then you may be subject to exorbitant penalties and fees, and your company’s reputation will also suffer as a result of your negligence.

The good news is you can avoid such boondoggles by managing your electronics disposal via a process that is not only secure, but also certified and accountable. By doing so, you will minimize any and all risks that are involved with corporate and regulatory compliance.

Sustainability Reporting

Before you get rid of obsolete equipment, you will need to ensure that your discarded electronics will be handled in an ethical, legal, and eco-friendly manner. Here, you should perform the due diligence to ensure that you obtain the necessary certifications and industry standards from a reputable company. This is the only surefire way to guarantee that all of your disposed IT equipment will be managed in an efficient, secure, and safe fashion.

Maximize Your Return on Investment

One of the greatest benefits of using information technology asset disposition services that are certified is that you will receive a check for all of your off-network electronics. In other words, you won’t have to worry about dumping your obsolete electronics with nothing to show for it, but instead will be compensated (often quite handsomely) for your efforts. As such, you will be augmenting your return on investment for each and every piece of technology that you buy that gets repurposed via information technology asset disposition in the not too distant future.

Boost Brand Awareness and Reputation

If you decide to initiate a policy to utilize information technology asset disposition to dispose of off-network devices instead of simply dumping them in a landfill, then you will be a part of the solution.

That is, you will be an active partner or participant in sustainable corporate practices. This is noteworthy, as studies have found that most customers will be more likely to not only support such companies, but also pay more for their products.

Therefore, you can boost brand awareness and bolster your business’s reputation and revenue streams by utilizing your information technology asset disposition policy to promote your company.

eCycle: For a Better World

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of information technology asset disposition and why it is a must for your business, then please visit our website. eCycle is Canada’s most reputable and largest electronic recycling solutions company, and is dedicated to going above and beyond the call to help create a better world for generations to come. We can also be reached at 888-945-2611 if you would prefer to reach us by phone to discuss your B2B ITAD objectives.


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