Electronic Waste Recycling Services

Electronics in Landfills

Every year, thousands of tonnes of electronic waste are disposed of in landfills across Canada. As individuals and businesses upgrade their technology to include new computers, laptops, portable devices, and servers, more and more functioning electronics are being sent to landfills. These electronics present numerous health and environmental hazards – not to mention the massive amount of landfill space that is occupied by electronics that otherwise could have been recycled. From batteries to electronic screens, these devices are often full of dangerous chemicals. This is why it is so important to properly recycle your electronics and ensure they do not end up in a landfill.

Recycling for Consumers

At eCycle, we offer comprehensive recycling services for your used electronics and other electrical equipment. Many common electronics such as computers, laptops, cell phones, and servers must be properly disposed of to prevent them from ending up in landfills. We allow individual consumers the chance to recycle their electronics in an eco-friendly way.

At eCycle, we participate in a number of Return-to-Retail initiatives that turn large retail outlets into drop-off points for electronic recycling. Not only do we help navigate the recycling process to ensure your items are sorted and properly disposed of, but we also refurbish, resell, and recycle as many parts as possible.

Government Recycling Standards

There are a number of government regulations in place to ensure that electronic waste is disposed of properly. Unfortunately, many individuals and businesses simply do not know how to properly recycle their used electronics, which causes thousands of tonnes of e-waste to end up in our landfills. eCycle operates under the best industry and government recycling standards to ensure a minimal environmental impact of electronic waste. We are an R2 Certified Recycler in Canada, meaning we have been approved by the government as a responsible recycling company, and we are a NAID member ISO certified for the following:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)
  • ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System)
  • ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series)
  • BS OHSAS: 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series)

We aim to refurbish and reuse as many items as possible. For devices that cannot be salvaged, we offer data-destruction services to ensure your personal information is wiped, and then we recycle the hardware. In this way, we prevent a significant amount of electronic waste from reaching landfills while also promoting the use of recycled and refurbished electronics.

What We Recycle

At eCycle, we offer recycling services for a variety of electronic devices including:

  • Laptop & Desktop Computers
  • Cell Phones & Tablets
  • Servers
  • Network Equipment
  • TVs & Monitors
  • Printers, Photocopiers & Fax Machines
  • Power Supplies
  • Toner and Ink Cartridges
  • Batteries
  • Keyboards, Mice, and other Electronics
  • Speakers & Stereo Systems

Recycling for Organizations & Businesses

At eCycle, we pride ourselves on our ability to make a large-scale impact on local landfills by recycling as many electronics as possible. We work directly with large businesses and other environmental organizations to ensure your electronics are recycled properly. Our team will help your company or organization create a recycling plan, coordinate drop-off or pickup services, refurbish outdated equipment for resale, and ensure your obsolete technology does not end up in a landfill.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Recycling end-of-life machinery, obsolete technology, and other equipment can present a number of challenges for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). It is expensive, inconvenient, and requires a great deal of labour. It also requires discretion and confidentiality around sensitive data and personal information. Our team works directly with OEMs to create custom take-back programs and recycling plans in accordance with local legislation, compliance regulations, and corporate initiatives. Not only can we assist with the pickup or drop-off process, but we will ensure all of your electronics are disposed of and recycled in a legal, ethical, and cost-efficient manner.

Community Organizations & Municipalities

At eCycle, we are passionate about making local communities more environmentally-conscious. Our team collaborates with a number of municipalities to ensure electronic waste is properly recycled. We host a variety of events that allow individuals in local municipalities to drop off their old, obsolete, or damaged electronics, batteries, and other e-waste, so it can be disposed of in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way possible. We also work with individual municipalities to promote environmental organizations, charity fundraisers and events, and to raise awareness of the importance of recycling electronics.

Collection & Logistics Support

Disposing of your electronics can be an inconvenient, time-consuming experience. Whether you are an individual looking to recycle your old computer or a business replacing all of the laptops in your office, it can be difficult to coordinate with recycling organizations. As well, waiting for a drop-off date in your area for your specific electronic waste is not always realistic. To overcome this hurdle, our team will work with you directly to coordinate all of the logistics surrounding your recycling project. We will organize a time when we can pick up your old electronics, so you can focus on more urgent matters while we handle your electronics recycling needs.

Data Destruction & Online Reporting

At eCycle, we understand that our customers are concerned with the security and privacy of their information, especially when disposing of personal electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops. For absolute peace of mind, we offer comprehensive data-wiping and data-destruction services for our customers. Not only will we remove all of your personal information from the device, but we can also destroy and recycle the hardware to ensure your sensitive information is permanently deleted. For more information on our data destruction services, check out our Asset Disposition page here.

To learn more about our recycling services or to book an appointment with one of our electronics recycling experts, call our toll-free number at 888-945-2611 or contact us here.

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