Asset Decommissioning Services

Decommissioning your Retired Assets

Replacing and upgrading computer equipment and other electronics can present significant challenges in an office setting. Large businesses often decommission high quantities of assets at once, and they cannot afford any lag-time in their operations during the upgrade process. Not only do the assets need to be transported and recycled or refurbished, but they must first be wiped of all personal and company data.

At eCycle, we help businesses navigate the data recovery, refurbishment, and recycling processes. From organizing pickup and drop-off services to performing on-site data recovery and destruction tasks, we will help you with every step, reducing the amount of time and energy your team invests in the recycling project.

Planning & Management Logistics

Upgrading your company’s technology can be a significant undertaking, and we understand that your operation cannot afford to shut down due to a lack of technology. With this in mind, we will collaborate with your team to create a detailed plan of action that will consider your needs and your timeline for the upgrade process. We will work with you to ensure your team has all of the necessary technology to prevent a drop-off in productivity when your current technology is replaced or refurbished.

Our team has a great deal of project management experience, and we can customize timelines to accommodate the unique needs of your business. By partnering with just one company like eCycle for all of your electronics collection, data recovery, refurbishment, and recycling needs, you will save your company a great deal of time and money. Let our team handle your electronics upgrades and recycling while you focus on more urgent company initiatives.

On-Site Services

For absolute security and convenience, our team offers on-site visits for a variety of tasks including data destruction, media shredding, and data wiping on devices meant for harvesting or recycling.

We will completely wipe your devices so no data remains. This way, we can ensure your confidential, sensitive company information will never leave the confines of your office.  Finally, we will recycle or refurbish the assets at your discretion.

Pickup & Drop-Off Services

For added convenience, we can arrange for drop-off or pick-up services for your obsolete electronic devices. Our team can accommodate the transportation of any number of electronics, and we can incorporate our on-site services with our pickup to streamline the process. We also host a number of drop-off events and have a number of locations available for you to drop-off your electronics, which is often the preferred method for those with minimal assets.

Optimize Your Return

Should you choose to refurbish and sell your old electronics, we offer a range of services that will help you increase the value of your devices and maximize your return on the resale market. Upon delivery of your assets to our facility, we will perform a diagnostic test to determine any issues with the device and identify possible solutions to make the device operational. If a repair is possible, we will provide you with a detailed quote for our refurbishment services. From there, the asset can be resold or redeployed into your office. Our company has a large network of wholesalers, retailers, and end users looking for refurbished electronics, so we can often match resellers with a buyer.

Recycled Parts

As per our environmental initiatives, we encourage customers to reuse, refurbish, resell, or donate their obsolete technology whenever possible. However, sometimes, the device is simply too outdated or damaged to be salvaged. In this case, we offer a variety of recycling solutions that adhere to the highest environmental standards. First, we explore which parts can be harvested. Harvesting parts refers to the process of dismantling a device and salvaging any parts that can be reused or recycled to repair another device. You can then sell these parts to maximize your return and any unsold parts will be reused or recycled.

We will ensure your devices are wiped of all data and information in order to protect your privacy. We also offer hard drive destruction services to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your information is safe and secure. Once the device is completely decommissioned, we’ll triage the asset to remove any hazardous materials before recycling it with a variety of manual and mechanical processes. Instead of being sent to a landfill, the recycled material is used in future technology.

Donating Used Electronics

Rather than selling or recycling functioning electronics, we encourage our customers to donate their used electronics to charity. At eCycle, we work with a number of charitable organizations, libraries, and schools to source operational electronics such as laptops, computers, monitors, and other assets. By donating your obsolete — but functional — devices, you can feel good knowing that your outdated technology went to someone in need.

For more information about our decommissioning services or to book an appointment with one of our electronics recycling experts, call our toll-free number at 888-945-2611 or contact us here.

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