About eCycle Solutions

Company Values, Vision, and Mission

Since 2005, eCycle Solutions has been committed to protecting and improving our environment through safe, convenient, and cost-effective recycling methods for electronic and electrically-powered assets.

As our company grows, our vision at eCycle Solutions is to become recognized as the clear partner of choice for electronic and electrical asset recovery. We aim to continue to provide industry-leading recycling solutions for individuals, businesses, and municipalities alike.

It is our mission to provide our customers with electronic and electrical asset recycling solutions that are secure, convenient, and environmentally responsible. In this way, we are able to reduce the amount of electronic waste in Canadian landfills while also ensuring our clients’ privacy.

Our Team

Here at eCycle Solutions, our diverse team is what drives our success. Our team is made up of individuals from several different educational backgrounds that have worked in a variety of industries. What brings us together is our shared passion for safe, environmentally-friendly electronic waste management.

Meet our Management

Environmental Policy

Here at eCycle Solutions, we take our responsibility to our customers and the environment very seriously. Our commitment to this responsibility is defined by a public declaration from our President and CEO.
“eCycle Solutions Inc. is an organization committed to the protection and improvement of our environment, health, and safety through safe, secure, cost-effective and environmentally conscious recycling processes. We will also comply with all requirements, both legal and other. We will continually improve the effectiveness of our management system. All employees, stakeholders, visitors, and contractors will be committed to pollution prevention, energy and resource conservation, waste minimization, and reuse/ recycling, in order to minimize the EHS aspects and impacts on our people, products, our neighbours, and their environments.”
Michael Collins, President and CEO

Social Responsibility Policy

eCycle Solutions operates with core values of transparency and honesty. We are as committed to socially-responsible business practices as we are to environmentally-conscious recycling processes. We want to protect our customers and employees just as we want to protect our environment.

We have been dedicated to diverting electronic waste from landfills since 2005, and we will continue to do so while operating under the highest standard of health, safety, and environmental practices in all aspects of our operation. We consider it our responsibility to minimize our environmental impact while providing safe and healthy working conditions for our employees and our partners.

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