General Labourer Application

    • Materials handling (unloading, breakdown/dismantle, transfer) of electronic products quickly, safely and securely
    • Clean and maintain work stations, plant and equipment
    • Maintain high standards of security, health and safety at all times to avoid accidents or injuries
    • And other duties as may be assigned
    • Must be in good physical condition and able to sustain physical activity levels over time, including using basic power tools, lifting 50 lbs/23 kgs at a time, squatting and standing throughout shift
    • Requires some problem solving, good attention to detail, manual dexterity and hand to eye coordination
    • Some high school required at minimum
    • No experience required but preference given to those with warehouse and/or manufacturing shop experience
    • Able to work in a constantly changing environment
    • Bilingual in French and English is an asset in our Quebec plant
    Chilliwack, British Columbia
    Airdrie, Alberta
    Mississauga, Ontario
    Valleyfield, Quebec

We welcome your interest in employment with eCycle Solutions. We are excited about our opportunity for growth and the tremendous positive environmental impact we deliver, and hope you will be too. It is our intention that all qualified candidates are given equal opportunity.

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Step 3 - eCycle Employment History

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Step 5 - Education and Skills

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Step 6: Physical Requirements/limitations for working in an eCycle Plant

Plant positions require a strong, healthy physical condition for sustained activity throughout each and every shift; lifting up to 23 kgs, standing, crouching, pushing, pulling, using low to moderate force plus manual and power tools in an environment with dust, dirt and temperature variations.

Our plants have mechanized processing and material handling equipment in operation. This means you must be able to maintain a high degree of mental alertness, quick reflexes and safe work practices in a potentially hazardous environment. For health and safety compliance, personal protection equipment must be worn at all times including; hard hat, safety glasses and boots, coveralls, face mask and gloves.

Yes, I am able to meet the physical requirements/limitations as described aboveNo, I am not able to meet the physical requirements/limitations as described above

I acknowledge that the information I have supplied on this Application, and in any communication with eCycle Solutions in connection with my application for employment, is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. Furthermore, I understand that any falsifications, misinterpretations, or omissions of fact may be grounds for rejection of my application or dismissal from subsequent employment.

I also understand that consideration for any offer of employment is dependent upon the result of a reference and background check. I authorize eCycle Solutions to investigate and verify all statements made on this application, represented on other documents provided by me or on my behalf or any information given by me orally. I further authorize eCycle Solutions to contact my former employer(s), my present employer if so indicated, any listed references or other persons who can verify information, including but not limited to consumer reporting agencies. I release any of these persons or agencies contacted from liability or damages in answering any question regarding my ability, my character, general reputation, personal characteristics and previous employment record. I acknowledge that upon written request within a reasonable time, eCycle Solutions will provide a complete and accurate disclosure of the nature and scope of any investigation as required by law.

I understand that nothing contained in this employment application or in the granting of an interview is intended to create an employment contract between eCycle Solutions and myself for either employment or provision of any benefit. No promise regarding employment has been made to me, and I understand that no promises or guarantees are binding eCycle Solutions unless made in writing and signed by an appropriate signing authority.

If hired, I agree to conform to the policies and rules that are issued by eCycle Solutions and understand eCycle Solutions reserves the right in its sole discretion to alter or revise its employment policies, procedures or benefits, in whole or in part, at any time.

Thank you for your interest in joining eCycle Solutions

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