eCycle Solutions operates multiple asset recovery and electronics and electrical equipment recycling facilities across Canada – amongst the most technologically advanced in North America. We provide custom designed, environmentally friendly and secure asset recovery and recycling solutions for all sectors – convenient return-to-retail depots for residential; collection and asset recovery service for corporations, institutions and government; custom takeback programs for OEMs.

eCycle Solutions is privately held, Canadian owned with over 400 employees and 300 metric tonnes of daily processing capacity. With over 350,000 sq/ft of warehousing and processing space across all sites, asset recovery and electronics recycling has never been this easy.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

eCycle is committed to conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We operate with core values of transparency and honesty, protecting our customers, employees and the environment.

Certifications and Standards

Choosing your asset recovery and electronics recycling service provider is a difficult decision. We make it easy.

Corporate Social Responsibility PolicyCertifications

Stewardship Programs

eCycle Solutions is Canada’s only electronics recycler audited by the RQO and approved under each provincial stewardship program. This means your end of life electronics are recycled safely with strict adherence to national and international law.

Corporate Environmental Policy

eCycle Solutions take our responsibility to employees and the environment very seriously. We define that commitment with a public declaration of our responsibilities.

Stewardship ProgramsEnvironmental Policy