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Since 2005, eCycle Solutions has been committed to protecting and improving our environment through safe, convenient, and cost-effective recycling methods for electronic and electrically-powered assets.

As our company grows, our vision at eCycle Solutions is to become recognized as the clear partner of choice for electronic and electrical asset recovery. We aim to continue to provide industry-leading recycling solutions for individuals, businesses, and municipalities alike.

It is our mission to provide our customers with electronic and electrical asset recycling solutions that are secure, convenient, and environmentally responsible.

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Secure Electronic Recycling Solutions

Since 2005, eCycle Solutions has been diverting electronic waste away from landfills by proposing innovative recycling solutions. We provide comprehensive decommissioning and recycling services for large corporate clients while also coordinating electronic recycling services for consumers. In this way, we have prevented thousands of tonnes of electronic waste from ending up in a landfill.

Commitment to Client Security

At eCycle Solutions, we are dedicated to the privacy and security of our client’s information. Our team understands our customers’ concerns around the privacy of their data, especially for corporate clients. To ensure your data is secure, we offer a wide variety of data management services. Our on-site team will come directly to your office to copy all of the data on your obsolete devices and transfer it to a hard drive or cloud-based storage system of your choice. Not only will you retain all of your company information without having it leave your office, but you will also be able to continue operations as you upgrade your system without any interruptions. We also offer supervised hard drive destruction services to ensure absolute privacy and security of all of your data. For more information about our data wiping services, refer to our Asset Disposition page. 

Strong Environmental Vision

eCycle was built with a vision of a world free of electronic waste. Every year, thousands of tonnes of electronic device end up in landfills across the world. Not only is this a wasteful practice itself, but the hazardous materials found in electronic devices, batteries, and other e-waste can cause serious damage to the environment. It is our goal to develop sustainable, eco-friendly practices that will envelope the entire electronics industry, resulting in more recycling, refurbishment, and an increased focus on quality engineering and production. We maintain the highest environmental standards in the industry, and our team is continuously testing new and innovative ways to create sustainable practices in the electronics industry.

At eCycle, we offer comprehensive electronics recycling services to consumers and large businesses. Whether you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer in need of bulk recycling services for electronics or you are simply an individual upgrading to a new laptop, we can help you to properly recycle your obsolete assets. For assets in good condition, we also recommend refurbishing the device so it can be sold or donated, rather than recycled.

Dedicated to Local Communities

Beyond our commitment to sustainable environmental practices and client security, we are also active in our local communities. We collaborate with a number of municipalities, charity organizations, schools, and community programs to make electronic recycling services more accessible to individuals. Many people do not understand how to properly recycle their electronic devices, which is where we come in. We help to educate the public on sustainable practices and offer recycling services for all. We also encourage many of our customers to donate refurbished assets such as laptops and computers to local charity organizations where they can help those in need. These are just some of the ways we help to support our local communities across Canada.

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