eCycle Solutions launches system to produce cleaner, reusable plastic

eCycle Solutions

MISSISSAUGA, Ont., June 24, 2020 — eCycle Solutions today strengthened its commitment to the circular economy by launching a system to recycle the mixed plastic that is generated by recycling electrical and electronic equipment.

“We are very pleased to take our company to the next level in sustainable electronics recycling and advance our commitment to the circular economy,” says Michael Collins, President and Chief Executive Officer of eCycle Solutions. “We can now provide Canadians with a more refined recycling process for electrical and electronic materials.”

In this system, which features float-sink technology, a water and salt solution is used to separate the plastic elements from metals and other undesired materials according to density. The plastic floats while the metals and other contaminants sink. This produces a cleaner plastic stream as well as a metallic stream, which can be refined further for metals recovery.

The system, located at eCycle Solutions facility in Mississauga, ON, can process as many as 20 metric tonnes of mixed e-plastics per hour, and complies with all applicable regulations. Designed in-house with proprietary water treatment technology it is a closed-loop system that will minimize water consumption while ensuring recycled material is fully traceable and recycled in its entirety.

The launch of the float-sink system better equips eCycle Solutions to support other businesses and individuals in overcoming the environmental challenges that e-plastics present.

“We are looking forward to working closely with our Canadian and international partners to meet the needs of our customers and to keep waste out of our landfills” says Collins.

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